#ThatBlackCouple Ep 15 – When White People Like You

In this episode, Jenn and Daren discuss what it means when white people show admiration and appreciation for Black content producers and activists. There are layers to this.

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren read a listener submitted question (the topic of this episode) and clarify that this question speaks to a larger question of the power of the status quo.

In the second segment, they discuss the theoretical implications of being liked and supported by white people.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren discuss not doing things for the white gaze, codeswitching, and creating spaces for Black folx first.

Articles for reference:
* Why White Guilt Is The Least Important Consideration In My Work
* Why I will no longer use my unpaid labor to discuss race in America with white people
* White “allies” and speaking the words of racial violence in the United States
* 5 Things Black Folk Don’t Have To Do For White People In The Era Of Trump (Or Ever)
* The Folly Of White Allyship In An Era Of ‘Opt-Out’ Culture


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