#ThatBlackCouple Ep 10 – Why We’re A “No Football” Household

In this week’s episode, Jenn and Daren talk about the NFL and how the professional football culture is rooted in anti-Blackness. Get into it!

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren talk about emerging news around the medical issues that are associated with football, especially as it relates to CTE.

In the second segment, they discuss all of the problematic aspects of professional football that are damaging to Black folx and question how anyone can be for Black lives while also supporting an anti-Black system like the NFL.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren relate their personal experiences with football and athletics and how Black folx are encouraged into sports at the expense of their personal health and longevity.

Articles for reference:

* The Paradox and Power of the Black Professional Ball Player
* If Colin Kaepernick is for Black lives, he won’t go back to the NFL
* Colin Kaepernick And Our Collective Denial That Football Is (Already) Political
* The Trouble With the Commodification of Athletes’ Labor
* Michael Sam Can Still Be a Hero in a Football-Free Household
* Slavery Much? On Racism in the NFL, Richard Sherman, and Hypocrisy




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