#ThatBlackCouple is on iTunes. Cop that.

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You might have heard that our podcast is dope. If you heard that, it’s true. You might have also heard that Jenn don’t mess with Apple. She legit thinks they’re Skynet. But, regardless, we dropped the podcast on iTunes for all y’all Apple users. You’re welcome.

Find the show on iTunes here and watch the videos below to better understand Jenn’s (very legitimate) concerns about Apple aka Skynet.


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GreenInOC · September 29, 2017 at 1:45 am

I’m SO glad you posted this, I thought in the podcast you were saying that you only use Skynet. Not knowing what that was I Googled and then was more confused thinking that there must be a super secret browser called Skynet! Personally, I wouldn’t say that I think Apple is Skynet but when people see the black stickers on the front of my laptop & phone covering up the cameras, that refuse to use the fingerprint technology, that I will not get an iPhone X because of the facial recognition, that I refuse to have a desktop monitor with a camera in it, and me wearing my Electronic Frontier Foundation hat, I think they might disagree!

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