That Black Couple Podcast launches in October

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Hey. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. The big news is: We decided to hang with the cool kids and start a podcast. It is launching in October 2017. Somehow, we managed to keep it on the low for months (which is very impressive considering that Jenn is physically incapable of keeping secrets from her loved ones).

Here is just a brief summary of what it is and what it isn’t and who we are and who we aren’t:

1. When does the podcast launch?

October 2017. We already said that but it’s okay. We still luh you.

2. Why are we calling it “That Black Couple”? Aren’t there many Black couples? What makes us so special?

Well, yes. There are those Black couples that wear matching outfits to the cookout. We aren’t that Black couple. There are those Black couples who have it all together, hair stays cut, ankles never ashy, and they never miss a gym visit. We for damn sure ain’t that Black couple. There are those churchy Black couples who recite Psalms together daily. We tried for a while but we aren’t that Black couple either.

The point is: there are a lot of Black couples. Some are queer. Some are straight. Some have it all figured out. Others don’t. We are a combination of all of that. We are that Black couple who discusses politics while contextualizing that gang episode of Family Matters. We are that Black couple where one is queer and one is straight and gender and sexuality are frequent topics of conversation. We are that Black couple that parents kids through family disabilities, grad schooling, and grueling jobs.

That’s the Black couple we are.

3. Why are we creating a podcast?

Good question. We are both writers and we have been running a pretty successful blog since 2012 called Water Cooler Convos. While this has been great, we are finding that fewer and fewer people have the time to commit to reading 500 to 1000 words about whatever Beyoncé and Jay-Z said or the most recent nonsense from the White House. So, we need to diversify our offerings.

4. What else is happening?

A lot. We recently created Instagram accounts for both WCC and TBC. In addition to the podcast, we will be creating videos that we will house on our YouTube Channel. We will also be going live a lot more frequently too. You’ll have to follow That Black Couple on Facebook to get more information on all the new, exciting changes that are in store.

5. What’s next?

Well, since we have a few months until our official launch, we will be working our asses off to create high quality podcast episodes for you to enjoy. In the meantime, you should add us on every possible social media outlet. You should also tell your friends about us.

It just seems like the right thing to do.

K. Thanks again. We’re looking forward to seeing you around here sometime soon.




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