Join Daren and Jenn for their weekly podcast covering the absurdity that is navigating life as 30-something Black married millennials whose “American Dreams” look more like an episode of “Living Single” than a Taylor Swift music video.

We cover topics like toxic masculinity in relationships, race, gender, and parenting, millennial money issues, “pretty pregnancy” theories, and even navigating predominantly white workspaces as a young, radical person. We are sarcastic af and witty. We always keep it one hunnit.

That Black Couple podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Google Pocasts.

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Meet That Black Couple

Jenn and Daren


Co-Founder and Host

Daren is a novelist, critic, and bona fide comic book fanatic. He hails from the whitest part of Southern California, but trust that he knows how to season some chicken. He has a decades long career in market research, so for him, it all comes down to the facts. If you are going to challenge him, make sure you have your academic references and receipts at the ready.

Now on the latter side of his 30's, Daren has decided that life is too short to miss out on a top tier meal but too expensive to pay retail, so he loves excursions to new restaurants and finding deals on every purchase.

Daren is a proud member of the Ace community, a human anthology of all things musical and Black, and way more messy than you'd expect him to be.

Find out more about Daren’s work at You can also find him on Twitter at @darenwjackson.


Co-Founder and Host

Jenn is a queer Black feminist who is unapologetic about her love for and commitment to Black people. She is also probably taller than you. She holds a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and two master’s degrees in Political Science while working toward her PhD. She likes math a lot and at 17, “splurged” on a TI-89 calculator. Jenn is obsessed with cheese and salami cuz she thinks she’s bourgie. And she doesn’t drink coffee because it tastes like empty promises and hope lost. But she’ll take down a hot chocolate though. Jenn pens essays about the intersections of blackness, gender, and popular culture. She is a child of Oakland, California and will always have the Bay Area running through her veins.

To learn more about Jenn’s work, visit her website at

You can also find her on Twitter at @JennMJack and Instagram at @JennMJacksonphd

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