That Black Couple A podcast about Blackness and adulting. Thu, 23 Aug 2018 14:52:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 That Black Couple 32 32 #ThatBlackCouple Ep 19 – “Stop Whoopin Your Kids” Thu, 23 Aug 2018 14:48:52 +0000 Parenting remains one of the most important and difficult jobs many people will ever have. And, learning how to discipline children without the use of corporal punishment can take some unlearning of the habits and norms many of us grew up with. We’ll talk about whooping, spanking, beating, etc. in this episode. Legggoo!

In the first segment, we discuss the listener question that prompted this episode and the common perceptions people have of spanking.

In the second segment, we discuss the studies around acceptance of spanking in the U.S., how spanking is still allowed in schools, and the country’s history of corporal punishment.

In the third segment, we outline our parenting approach and how we came to realize the many reasons why spanking is a bad practice for kids.

Articles for reference:
*Black Parents, Stop Shaming Your Children…your-children/

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*Poll: Most Approve of Spanking Kids

*If You Think Good Black Parents Are Unicorns, You’re Part of the Problem…f-the-problem/




#ThatBlackCouple Ep 18 – “Do Good Work and Don’t Be Trash” Tue, 14 Aug 2018 16:49:30 +0000 There will always be those people who aren’t doing the work for the right reasons. Sometimes, people are seeking status and fame rather than justice for all people. We are going to talk about that (and them) on this episode. Get into it!

In the first segment, we explain the meaning of the motto “Do good work and don’t be trash.”

In the second segment, we discuss how we model the motto in our daily lives from how Daren checks his privilege to how Jenn uses her platform to elevate the work of other Black women.

In the third segment, we talk through how not being trash requires being critical when necessary and why you should always put more emphasis on your work than accolades.



Articles for reference:
*How we use the term ‘hater’ to avoid reflection and self-improvement…f-improvement/
*Reckoning, the Combahee River Collective, and Black Women’s History Month…history-month/
*On being Black, being disposed of, and seeking status…eeking-status/

#ThatBlackCouple Ep 16 – “When White People Call the Police” Sat, 12 May 2018 16:12:35 +0000 It’s time for us to have a serious conversation about white people using the police as their personal bodyguards.

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren talk about recent situations when the police have been called without good cause and why they are so problematic.

In the second segment, they discuss the disparate responses police officers provide to white people vs. Black people and how unnecessarily bringing the police into situations can often end with Black people dead.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren discuss their own personal experiences with the police and why they have so little faith in the police force.

#ThatBlackCouple Ep 17 – “Janelle Monae-osexual” Tue, 01 May 2018 16:30:18 +0000 Jenn has an unhealthy obsession with Janelle Monáe so of course we made an episode about it. We also examine queerness and what it means in the lives of young Black folx today. Legggoo!

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren talk about Janelle Monae coming out as queer and what the resurgence of queerness means for this generation.

In the second segment, Jenn and Daren discuss queerness as a set of gender politics and a set of sexual politics.

In the third segment, Daren reflects on being a heterosexual Black man coupled with a queer Black woman and Jenn reflects on identifying as bisexual, then pansexual, and now queer.





Articles for reference:
* Why, As A Queer Black Woman, It’s Important That I Write About Culture…about-culture/
* To be a Black, Queer, Unrespectable Christian in an Era of Unrest…era-of-unrest/
* I was most comfortable with my identity when I was anti-Black…ty-anti-black/
* Watch: Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture]

#ThatBlackCouple Ep 15 – When White People Like You Thu, 29 Mar 2018 04:18:13 +0000 In this episode, Jenn and Daren discuss what it means when white people show admiration and appreciation for Black content producers and activists. There are layers to this.

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren read a listener submitted question (the topic of this episode) and clarify that this question speaks to a larger question of the power of the status quo.

In the second segment, they discuss the theoretical implications of being liked and supported by white people.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren discuss not doing things for the white gaze, codeswitching, and creating spaces for Black folx first.

Articles for reference:
* Why White Guilt Is The Least Important Consideration In My Work…on-in-my-work/
* Why I will no longer use my unpaid labor to discuss race in America with white people…-white-people/
* White “allies” and speaking the words of racial violence in the United States…united-states/
* 5 Things Black Folk Don’t Have To Do For White People In The Era Of Trump (Or Ever)…trump-or-ever/
* The Folly Of White Allyship In An Era Of ‘Opt-Out’ Culture…t-out-culture/


#ThatBlackCouple Ep 14 – The Oscars Episode Sun, 04 Mar 2018 22:57:30 +0000 In this episode, Jenn and Daren go in on the 2018 Oscar nominations and discuss how Hollywood overlooks standout work from marginalized communities. Get into it!

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren offer up both the official and #ThatBlackCouple versions of descriptions for some of the most buzzed about films nominated for Oscars this year.

In the second segment, they give their in-depth critiques of the most buzzed about films this awards season: The Shape of Water, Three BIllboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and Lady Bird.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren reflect on how standout films Get Out, Mudbound, and Step have been mistreated by the film community.

Articles for reference:
* Reckoning with the anti-Black mathematics of mainstream awards shows
* The Academy Awards Just Barely Moved The Needle On Hollywood Diversity

#ThatBlackCouple Ep 13 – D’Bleck Pantha Episode Sun, 25 Feb 2018 22:08:09 +0000 In this episode, Jenn and Daren offer their full reflection on Marvel’s Black Panther, from their experience in viewing the film to the potential impact of the film. Get into it!

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren talk about their experience viewing Black Panther and explain why they saw the film first as a couple and second with their children.

In the second segment, they discuss the merits and problems with Black Panther in conversation with responses written by Chris Lebron and Lawrence Ware.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren reflect on how Black Panther could and should change the movie-making business and why representation matters.

Articles for reference:
* We are not Wakanda. We are Erik Killmonger.
* ‘Black Panther’ Is Not the Movie We Deserve by Christopher Lebron
* ‘Black Panther’ and the Revenge of the Black Nerds by Lawrence Ware

#ThatBlackCouple Ep 12 – Things to Leave in 2017 and the Black #GlowUp Tue, 02 Jan 2018 18:26:55 +0000 This is our last episode of season 1. We talk about all the things we want to leave in 2017 and what you can expect from us in 2018. Get into it!

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren talk about what they want to leave in 2017, especially white saviors and performative allyship.

In the second segment, they discuss things they liked about 2017 and how 2017 was the year of Black folx on their “glow up”.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren discuss things they are looking forward to in the Blacker more feminist future of 2018 including Black Panther and increased Blackness in community and culture.

In the fourth and final segment of the first season, Jenn and Daren talk about the podcast. They drag each other a ‘lil bit and discuss what you can look forward to in 2018.

Articles for reference:
* Doing The Work: White people must invest in anti-racism


#ThatBlackCouple Ep 11 – Commodifying Black Pain Sun, 17 Dec 2017 03:35:28 +0000 In this episode, Jenn and Daren discuss Omarosa, Wendy Williams, ‘This is Us’, and how to imagine Black Liberation in a world that sells Black Pain for profit. Get into it!

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren talk about the ways that mainstream media operates to exacerbate and benefit from the public performance of Black pain.

In the second segment, they discuss what Black Liberation really looks like given this type of system.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren discuss their experiences with internalized anti-Blackness, whether it be from them or others, and how to manage.

Articles for reference:
* Omarosa, Bethenny, and White Women Being ‘Mediocre’…eing-mediocre/
* It’s time to talk about the Black elitism and anti-Blackness portrayed on ‘This is Us’…l-behavior-us/
* Anxiety, Death and The Moments When ‘This Is Us’ Gets It Completely Right…pletely-right/
* It’s time to stop trying to integrate ‘SNL’…integrate-snl/
* What does prison abolition mean to the mother whose son has been decapitated?…en-decapitated
* Wendy Williams explains why she fainted on-air…fainting/index.html

#ThatBlackCouple Ep 10 – Why We’re A “No Football” Household Tue, 21 Nov 2017 02:50:46 +0000 In this week’s episode, Jenn and Daren talk about the NFL and how the professional football culture is rooted in anti-Blackness. Get into it!

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren talk about emerging news around the medical issues that are associated with football, especially as it relates to CTE.

In the second segment, they discuss all of the problematic aspects of professional football that are damaging to Black folx and question how anyone can be for Black lives while also supporting an anti-Black system like the NFL.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren relate their personal experiences with football and athletics and how Black folx are encouraged into sports at the expense of their personal health and longevity.

Articles for reference:

* The Paradox and Power of the Black Professional Ball Player…l-ball-player/
* If Colin Kaepernick is for Black lives, he won’t go back to the NFL…rnick-job-nfl/
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* The Trouble With the Commodification of Athletes’ Labor…thletes-labor/
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