Blessings on blessings on blessings. You can find all our new episodes below:

Episode 4: “Pretty Pregnancy” and Unrealistic Expectations for Black Pregnant People

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren discuss how Serena Williams and Beyonce were treated during their pregnancies. Their experiences are indicative of how Black women really are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, and pregnancy and motherhood are fraught with racial and gendered biases and innuendo.

In the second segment, they talk about motherhood in very real terms. Namely, there is an immense amount of under-recognized labor that people with uteruses do when pregnant, the expectations placed on new mothers and others who give birth prove this. Pregnancy is not an accessory or a trend; it is a medical condition and should be treated as such.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren reflect on Jenn’s pregnancies, how partners claiming that they are “pregnant too” are dead wrong, and just how little education people have on the realities of pregnancy.

Episode 3: Coming of Age with the Toxic Masculinity of 90’s Black TV

In “First Things First”, we talk about how we were introduced to masculinity and the impact of growing up in single-mother households.

In “The Conversation”, we define toxic masculinity and give some concrete examples from television shows. Highlights include perpetually invasive stalker Stever Urkel from “Family Matters” and Overton and Kyle from “Living Single”.

In “The Reflection”, we discuss how grateful we are to have been raised by single mothers and explain how the absence of male figures in our households helped make us who we are today.



Episode 2: Talking to Children About Charlottesville

In this episode, we discuss the white supremacist march and rally in Charlottesville, abstinence parenting, and why it is important to be honest with kids about the political realities facing the world today.

In the first segment, we talk about what happened in Charlottesville and how it affects Black families.

In the second segment, we talk about an experience we had with our kids during a recent trip to Ohio that raised a debate over if racism is learned or if that even matters. We also talk about how that factors into Charlottesville.

In the third segment, we reflect on our experiences learning about race, gender, class, and other social issues growing up.


Episode 1: Introducing That Black Couple

In the first segment, Jenn and Daren describe how they came to be called “That Black Couple” by walking through how they became a couple in the first place. Highlights include when Daren had to literally be Jenn’s mouthpiece and their “Never Felt This Way Moment” at the back of a bus.

In the second segment, they provide a brief overview of the content listeners can expect to hear discussed on the podcast, including gender roles, class and capitalism, and sexuality.

In the third segment, Jenn and Daren explain the structure of their episodes.